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Tower Packing Direct deals in bulk orders, usually a minimum of one (1) 20 foot shipping container (approx. 26.16 cubic yards). We specialize in large loads and custom packing to meet your needs.  Please submit to us your request either by FAX or e-mail and we will get back to you with any questions directly.

  • Our services include:

    • Consulting & evaluation of customer's needs
    • Custom quotation with submittal from several manufacturers of different sources of product
    • Packaging solutions including poly bags (50 KG) , 55 gallon drums (150 KG) or super sacks (550 KG).
    • Custom sizing and labeling is available.
    • Partial and full container loads are available.
    • Inspection of product
    • Providing shipment of product thru bonded shipping and forwarding companies

To request a quote, please contact us by phone, e-mail or Fax.  




Tower Packing Direct 
A Division of Worldwide Procurement Specialist LLC




Phone: 1-817-991-8161
Email:  sales@buytowerpacking.com