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Direct Products

We supply a variety of tower packing material directly from the factory to our customer’s location.
We deal in bulk orders, usually a minimum of one (1) 20 foot shipping container (approx. 26.16 cubic yards). 
A few tower packing materials available are:

Nutter Ring Packing

Tri Pack Tower Packing

Gas and Air Scrubber Media

Pall Rings

Heilex Rings

Intalox Saddles

We have available a variety of Tower Internals to meet your needs. 

Our factories are machined to build tower packing to your specifications using a variety of mediums, such as PVC, Plastics, Metals, and Ceramics.  The ability to build your packing and internal material in a wide variety of sizes will ensure that we meet your specifications. 

Visit our sister company, buymolsieve.com for all of your Molecular Sieve and Ceramic Ball needs.